Eyelet Rings (Plastic)

-Eyelet rings available in a variety of colours.

-The out diameter of the rings are 5.8cm and the inner diameter is 4.0cm.

-Eyelet tape is available in 10cm wide with 7 punched wholes per meter.

-These rings are typically used with 25mm rods.

-The eyelets come with a clip-on back piece.

-The images below are some of the colours available.

-Steel eyelets are also available (selected colours only).

Antique Brass Eyelet Ring

Antique Copper Eyelet Ring

Black Eyelet Ring

Black Nickel Eyelet Ring

Bright Gold Eyelet Ring

Bronze Eyelet Ring

Chrome Eyelet Ring

Dull Gold Eyelet Ring

Stainless Steel Finish Eyelet Ring

Stone Eyelet Ring

eyelet tape (10cm wide)

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