Designer Curtain Tapes

Triangular Pleat 7.5cm

Triangular Pleat (V-Tape) : Used to create an elegant deep diamond pleat on a curtain drape by the use of two rows of the tape. The width of this tape is 7.5 cm.

Cut length/ roll

Double Diamond Pleat 17cm

Double Diamond Pleat: This beautiful curtain tape has a width of 17cm and creates a stunning double diamond pleat. This curtain tape is convenient to use since it save time of joining multiple tapes together.

Cut length/ roll

Triple Fan Pleat 12cm

Triple Fan Pleat: This 12cm wide curtain tape produces a simple and concise design on drapes.

Cut length/ roll

Extra Wide Regis (woven pocket) 12cm

Extra Wide Regis (Woven Pocket): This classic curtain tape has the added advantage of being wider then normal regis tape that allows a wider pencil pleat (width 12cm) on drapes that hold in place with great ease.

Cut length/ roll

Pencil Cascade Pleat (Waterfall Pleat)

Pencil Cascade Pleat: This tape has a huge width of 20cm. It produces an absolutely stunning waterfall effect.

Cut length/ roll

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